Wednesday Wonderings #2

Wednesday Wonderings #2

Some thoughts on a Wednesday that go like this


A good book to read: The Canterbury tales…yes, yes I know, it’s old language etc. (Middle English actually). But it’s been on my bookshelf for years unopened and unread and finally I read it yesterday. The Miller’s tale is my favourite…is this possibly where the phrase ‘Kiss My Arse?’ comes from?!!!


A good website to visit: Tips on writing and self-publishing


A good recipe to make: Ciabatta = YUM! This actually doesn’t look that hard to do…so maybe I’ll try it out soon!


A good cause to donate to: The Bat Conservation Trust…one of my new favourite animals I think. Did you know none of the bats in the UK are fruit eaters? They all eat insects (or so I believe). When I lived in Thailand last year there was a bat cave near a Buddhist Temple which took 2 hours for the bats to come out at night – so just imagine how many lived in the cave!! I have a video on my phone…it looks like huge flocks of birds, but they’re bats!


A good place to visit: Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire. Ancient rock formations, walking, climbing, woodland, moor…a good day out


A good (?) joke to tell: What did Santa say to Queen Elsa? I’m Fro-ho-ho-zen! (I made that up!)


A good thing to know:

That’s all folks! xx