Sunday update


Sorry for the absence this week, it’s been a busy fortnight. Lots of health stuff got sorted, some didn’t – had chronic back pain for several days which always throws me off kilter.

I started a scraps scarf. It is in my favourite crochet pattern of basket weave stitch in black, grey, beige and blue. Because OMG I am running out of room! Need to whittle down stash. I absolutely HATE colour changes though so it is taking a little while, but nearly done. Just a few pattern repeats then weave in all the ends and double (single) crochet around the edges.

You’re only getting a close up coz it’s not finished!

close up basket

I will do the Friday Follow post tomorrow I think, since haven’t been online for a week or so and honestly, I’m not in the mood now! Just about to have a slice of apple pie from the BEST APPLE PIE SHOP IN THE WORLD! So, you know, no offence, but between blogging and pie? I think pie wins! (And the shop is called The Apple Pie Shop in Ambleside, Cumbria if you are interested).

Last month I wrote the post below with a few things I wanted to achieve.

So here is an update:

Walking. As of 3 days ago I am officially on 1 crutch and can get in and out of the bath by myself (no bath board to sit on). Which in my book equals progress. It’s slow going and since April I have been quite patient and sensible, but I think another 6 weeks or so before I can properly walk unaided with confidence. So a result in my opinion!

Finishing WIPS etc. I finished my Dictionary of Cake cross stitch. I have one more cross stitch thing to do, which is a MASSIVE balloon cross stitch pattern I have had for years. A couple of years ago I got all the ‘ingredients’ for it and it is in a folder waiting to be started. And reading? Of that list I have only read David Copperfield and 1Q84 so far…but they took long enough! And if I want to actually complete my 52 books this year I should probably be a little more proactive in my reading!

Decluttering. SUCCESS! I hardly recognise my room. So much has gone. I am in the process of whittling down my language and grammar books with a couple of boxes ready to go to fellow nerds and language teachers. I also have another bag ready for charity shop and a bag of craft papers I am not sure what to do with. So that’s good.

Gym etc. I’m not quite there yet. A tad overambitious maybe? But it’s on the horizon.

New crochet techniques. I have experimented with colour more. I have also done quite a few granny squares which was something I hadn’t really been interested in before now. Likewise I have made a ripple blanket which I had never tried. So, slow progress but that’s ok.

Needle felting and Gutenberg Project – I just haven’t got around to. But I will!

Win lottery – I would have to play first!

Which about sums up where I am at the moment. Some things completed, some things started.

So, lots to get on with methinks!

To the pie!