Sunday Baking: Apple Loaf

Good afternoon to you all!

Are you enjoying the weekend? I am!

The parents and I had a lovely meal out at our local village pub The Wellington Heifer in Ainderby Steeple on Friday night. All 3 of us had the beer battered fish and chips – how very British of us! And it was rather nice too…although so much I couldn’t eat it all. They came with some tasty pea and mint mash which was quickly gobbled up by us all. It’s a small pub but the food is very good and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

And today? I have had a very happy morning baking today. It’s getting so much easier now…still have to watch where I put the crutches or they topple everywhere, but I know I am healing when I can bake a cake. 🙂 The only downside now is I am also able to do the washing up.

I  watched a few cooking programmes today too, so it feels very foody 🙂 And I think just about everyone who knows me will agree – I love food!

So what did I make?

Apple Cake!

You can find the recipe here

I modified it slightly by using half sultanas and half currants instead of raisins. I also heated them up in a small pan of water for about 10 mins whilst I did the rest of he cake because I think it makes the fruit swell a bit and rehydrates them.

I used a loaf tin instead of a round one (because I thought it would be easier to store) and sprinkled some brown sugar on the top before baking which is why it looks quite well done – but it makes the top a bit crunchy which is good!!

It tastes rather delicious if I do say so myself…although as always I have been a little impatient and not waited for it to cool completely, but I do love warm cake. And cold cake. And just cake really…

Apple cake just out of the oven

Apple cake just out of the oven


Slice of apple cake 5 seconds before being devoured!

Slice of apple cake 5 seconds before being devoured!


So, thank you very much for posting the recipe Mrs Blooms! (I may have missed the name – I want to say Jane but I’m not sure :O …therefore I name you Mrs Blooms x)

That is the first recipe I ever followed from another blog. And since it turned out well, I think I might just look to blogs in the future for some more ideas.

I have so many cook books that just get looked at without trying any of the recipes from them. I think from now on I shall try to do at least one recipe from each cook book. Which might take a while!

I want to bake some bread next I think. But I am always very impatient – I want it to rise quicker and prove quicker. So I can eat it quicker!

Hope you have been making and baking this weekend too.

Ellen xx


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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      And it tastes better today than yesterday! 🙂
      Apple jam, apple and plum crumble, apple and cranberry sauce, apple and cheese, apple strudel…oh what to do with apples!! x


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