This is the first in a new series of posts called Friday Follow. (Yes, I know it’s Thursday today…it’s called organisation and pre-planning!).

I will look at 2 things in these posts.


First, a blog which I have followed recently and second, a blog which has followed ME recently.

So, First up. Who have I followed?


This week I have followed

I really like the mix of posts and the style of writing, as well as the whole ethos and attitude behind it. The focus is on living a good and honest life away from the stress and panic of the rat race, there are posts about earning a living from home, growing your own, self-sufficiency etc.


My favourite post? I would have to say this one… which has a good list of links for making money from home…especially like the writing ones!


And who has followed me recently?


I love the bright, cheerful pictures on this blog – they make me very happy! There are posts on bread-making, gardening, flowers – lots of flowers! – Making and baking, sewing, local wildlife…all sorts! And they are long posts, so obviously a lot of time and effort has gone into each of them.


My favourite post?  I think I will definitely have to try the yummy looking Apple Cake recipe! And parrots in your garden? How lucky!


There are so many good blogs around, it is difficult to keep up with them all. There just isn’t enough time in the world to read every one of them unfortunately. But each week I will try to share 2 with you that I particularly like.

Ellen xx


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