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Hello peeps!

Sorry about the radio silence but was having a few days offline. Did you miss me? Of course you did!

I would like to say I have been rushed off my feet. I can’t. BUT. I have made some small advances and as they say – A small victory is still a victory.

My foot is getting ever better, and while it does still swell slightly and hurt a bit, I am putting that down to it still healing and getting back to the shape it was before surgery and getting used to pressure and weight being put on it. I no longer have to hop upstairs. And I have been out if the house a LOT more (a good excuse for a coffee out) and it’s getting easier. Just wish the crutches would stop falling down everywhere!

I have cleared out a hell of a lot of stuff. Including books, which always wrenches at the heart strings because I think of how much I liked the story, or the author, or that maybe I would read it again sometime, and then look! It’s out of the bag and back on my shelf! So, I have had to be ruthless and have a bag for the charity shop and a pile of German books to be pawned off on people (there is almost no point giving them to charity shops as foreign language books don’t sell well). I have sorted SO MUCH stuff and although the room looks better, it is still not quite empty!

I have FINALLY finished David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. This is the longest it has ever taken to read a book ever! A whole month because I just couldn’t get into it. I know this is loved by many and I can see the good points in it. I just can’t seem to care about the main character – David/ Daisy/ Betsey/ Doady/ Trot Copperfield.

He seems to be really weak and spineless to me. OK he ran away as a child and did well for himself in the end, but he married someone who wanted to be called his ‘child-wife’ and he could see how miserable his next wife Agnes was with her father and Uriah Heep so what did he do about it? NOTHING!

I like and dislike this book equally. There are good themes and the bit where the aunt tells the Murdstones how it is, is well written, but on the whole…I just don’t know. Maybe it’s one of those books you read once and several years later you re-read it and it’s amazing…


What else have I been up to? YET ANOTHER granny square blanket, but this time out of super chunky wool. I don’t know what kind or make of wool because they are scraps I originally planned for a jumper and lets just say it didn’t quite look like the picture so I unpicked it!

Sorry about the lighting…and the general crap picture taking.

pink baby

I have another ball of grey wool which I think would make 1, maybe 2 more rounds on the edge. It’s not huge, only lapghan sized. But maybe I’ll add to it at a later date with another ball or so of the pink.

I also have another blanket on the go for someone and need to think about Xmas soon.

What else have I been up to? Surveys on Toluna (last year I earned a £15 Next gift card just from answering surveys) so hopefully another card in time for Xmas. And I baked a fruit cake for Mum, but because it was so huge it didn’t quite cook properly so will have to make something else soon. Because you know I HAVE TO HAVE CAKE!!!!!

Well, that’s all for now. Want to get back to crochet blankie!

Ellen xx



7 thoughts on “New blanket

  1. Candelo Blooms

    Downsizing your library is SO HARD! We have far far too many books, but every time I get ruthless and give away books, I invariably claim some of them back when I suddenly realise I do need them after all or spend the rest of the year fruitlessly searching my bookshelves or regretting my impulsiveness!!! There won’t be this problem in the Digital Age, but I suspect we will always have the hard copy, as I love books- the smell and feel of them, their portability, their covers and papers- even the physical act of turning pages! Glad to hear your foot is improving. The healing process always takes ages, especially that last bit when you’re almost better and feel you should be able to run, bushwalk etc but still can’t quite yet! But it will all come good!!! Really enjoying your posts!

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  2. sarucrochet30 Post author

    Thank you very muchly!x
    It’s amazing how fast it has healed…and I just want to walk now! Or to be able to bake and not have crutches toppling into everything…
    And the books! I agree so much! And the sad thing is it’s not just fiction or well-known books…it’s French grammar books and German grammar books…I have a WHOLE SHELF of similar books yet I look at the ones I want to get rid of and think…but I might need that exercise or that explanation of the passive voice…then have to force myself to think NO YOU HAVEN’T OPENED IT IN OVER A YEAR!! 😦
    And last night was reading paper copy of David Copperfield in bed…switched off my light and expected a back-lit screen…had to turn the light back on DOH!! xxx


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