Blast from the Past!

Hello loverly people 🙂

A very Happy Friday to you all!

First of all may I say thank you very much for reading the nonsense I write about the things I make and like. Yesterday I got over 1000 hits for the time, which I think is pretty good considering I only started blogging three months ago. I have always liked writing, even as a child and a teenager and it’s nice to come back to it now that I’m older (although at uni I did enter a couple of writing competitions…how did I find the time?).

So, yaaaaaay! And it’s funny, I’m texting people saying…”Ooh look! Someone from Japan is reading my blog!” or “Malaysia today!” or “And today we welcome readers from New Zealand, Argentina, Russia and South Africa!”. It can be a little obsessive with the stats can’t it? Or is that just me?!

I think it is up to 37 countries now…here’s to another 37! x

Secondly, I have been busy sorting out the past couple of days. 2 big bags of paper recycling, 3 boxes of cardboard recycling, 1 bag of plastic recycling, 1 full bag of rubbish and some random metal recycling later and it looks like nothing has changed! I sorted under my bed and my wardrobe drawers (which is an achievement in itself on these bloody crutches) and though they are still sort of full, I feel better knowing how much is gone…

I also uncovered some things that I hadn’t thought about in a long time. Who knew I still those 2 pairs of shoes which I have had for 6 years but NEVER worn out the house? Who knew I still had that Easter basket from way back when? Who knew I still had vacuum-packed un-popped popcorn waiting for at least 9 months to go into my popcorn maker?!!

But I did find some crafty things too.

Like this. My first ever project in Textiles. My secondary school was always pretty crap in that we had to rotate technologies and I only ended up doing textiles twice in 3 years. This is a tie-dyed top hat (minus the cardboard inset because it took up so much storage space). We had to design a logo to go on the front of the hat (God knows what mine was supposed to be) and then applique it on.

Oh, and did I mention I was 14 when I did this? Almost 16 years ago.



I also found something I did for my Textiles GCSE, when I was 16 years old. Don’t remember the brief for this, but I chose to do a wall hanging of a map of Egypt as I was a complete nerd and loved (still do) Ancient Egypt.

It’s a bit crumpled, but oh well!


And look at all those different techniques! Applique, computer stitching, hand stitching, sequins, fabric paint, seed beads, other beads, homemade pyramid button out of modelling clay…



horus eye

Oh to be 16 again. The things I would do differently and the things I would do the same!

Needless to say…I got an A.

My Mother did how to sew a button and a zip. She made needle cases and an apron. What do we do nowadays? Make top hats and nothing at all that is useful…#justsaying

And I also found this cute cushion from Lizzie in the back of my wardrobe 🙂



A busy couple of days 🙂

I feel much more mobile and motivated now. The period of frustration while my foot healed from surgery is, while not over completely, definitely nearly ending. For those that don’t know, I had to have 2 bones in my left foot fused together because 2 other bones had not separated properly and were causing these 2 to grind together. It was very painful and meant that walking long periods, and even on uneven ground was really difficult. BUT, I’m now walking on crutches, after having a cast on for 15 weeks and it’s amazing how good my foot looks (if a little thinner than my other one). I wont scare you with pics but the scar is barely noticeable and although it still hurts a bit, I think because I’m putting weight on it, it is definitely getting there. It’s a good job I am happy being indoors crafting away on my own – there have been very few days when I felt down because of it, some ups and downs are to be expected of course, but overall pretty positive! It’s funny but I think crafters are the only kind of people happy to have time to recover from something…”Oh no! I fell off a tree and now my leg will take 2 months to heal? Oh, dear, but on the plus side that’s at least 2 months of knitting…” or it’s “I know it hurts and it’s quite bad, but this broken ankle is quite good in many ways…because you need to drive me everywhere and that means time in the car to crochet!” Lol Us crafters will use any excuse!

Now, to get back to work and on with things.

So, sorting out is a bit mundane, but a good first step to getting organised and independent.

Tomorrow I am going to make some special fruitcakes for my mother. It was her birthday on Monday and I made her a chocolate cake but what she really wanted was a big special fruitcake, but I didn’t have any currants or sultanas, so that’s tomorrow. Ingredients include currants and sultanas, apple, Bacardi, spices and the usual eggs etc. nom! Will try to remember to take a pic but it’s never my priority when my hands are all sticky!

In the sort out I also found my glass painting and needle-felting boxes…yes, you heard me right. I have a box for each of these things. So, to look at that tomorrow.

And not much time for flowers for Yarndale project left …haven’t done any crochet for a while which needs remedying!

This seems a long post. I am going stop because I started this 45 minutes ago as I keep distracting myself!

Have a good weekend and make the most out of whatever you do

Back soon

Ellen xx


6 thoughts on “Blast from the Past!

  1. Elizabeth

    Wasn’t that your coursework? I remember making a truly terrible skirt and poncho for mine 😀 So chuffed the recovery is going well, feel guilty for all the long walks I’ve dragged you on!

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  2. sarucrochet30 Post author

    Possibly, I cant remember. Oh yes the poncho and skirt, but they were good…them were the days eh? x
    Don’t worry…I had no idea then what was the matter and I managed!
    It’s still swelling a bit and it hurts a bit too, but give it a few months and it should settle down. As long as I can manage to bake a cake then that is good…of course carrying things is hard…:O


  3. Amanda

    Wow! Your blog is doing great for being so new! I am still trying to figure everything out with mine. 🙂 Glad your doing better and are more mobile.


  4. Rebecca

    I love the things you made for your textiles at school. I remember doing textiles at school, I seem to remember most of the lesson was spent trying to thread up the machine properly and nothing much was made! Unsurprisingly I didn’t go on to do Textiles GCSE. Glad to say I am much improved on my own sewing machine now. Anyway just wanted to say I am enjoying your posts and your crochet is lovely 🙂


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thank you very much!
      It’s funny what we learn at school, especially in technology…NOTHING at all that’s useful in later life! 😉
      And I have been doing lots of reading lately…so it’s back to crochet soon! xx

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