Ripple Crochet Blankie Done!

Yo! Wazzup peeps!

Today there is good and bad news.

The good.

I finished the Ripple Crochet Blankie….yaaaay! It is the first time I have tried the ripple stitch which is a lot quicker to do than I expected. It has taken about 4 days, but I’ve been ill for 2 of them so I didn’t even touch it.

I basically just used up 3 colours of yarn which had been sitting in my stash for awhile, but I think the pink looks a little strange around the edge though! I added 2 rows of double (or single if you are in US) crochet around the edge.

It was only meant to be as a practice but I decided to keep going and make something of it.


belly blankie


Sorry my picture taking skills are pretty naff! I just can’t be bothered to crutch it around to the bed and stand and wobble and take another picture! Lazy me!

And the bad news?

Don’t try dusting your prized possessions while on one leg and one arm in a crutch. I managed to break one of a set of 2 candleholders that I got from the Isle of Wight when I was a little girl…the glass smashed everywhere 😦

They were from a shop called Oasis (I think it is still there) which sold all sorts of weird and wonderful things like candles, flowers, home stuff. Yes, that was the kind of shop I liked when I was 12 years old!!

Boohoohoo – cue lots of sad faces and cry noises. Oh well, it serves me right for trying to clean…I should just leave that to someone else :O


I haven’t done much reading over the past few days (1Q84 wiped me out last week) but I’ll try and do a bit more of David Copperfield tonight.

And I want to try and bake something tomorrow so I will have to have a look at some recipe books tonight as well.

That’s all for now,

Ellen xx


11 thoughts on “Ripple Crochet Blankie Done!

  1. EssHaych

    Such a cute blanket!! And yay for reading 1Q84 – it’s one of my favourite books ever! Sorry about your candleholders – I know what it’s like for something from your childhood to break like that 😦

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    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      The book was great! But why couldn’t he have explained everything?!! Who are the Little People and what were they making with the Air Chrysalis from Ushikawa’s soul? Oh so many unanswered questions! I hope there is a book 4…
      And the candle holder…:( now there is only one and he looks lonely…:(

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