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I am more of a hermit than a people person. It’s true. I could quite happily live in a cave in the wilderness for 6 months by myself, so long as there is a supply of food and wool. I am also a lil bit of a technophobe. The thing with social media is that it forces you to be…social! *GASPS IN MOCK HORROR*


But with the creation of the blog I realised I needed to get on other sites too. I have been on twitter for 2 years and didn’t understand it. Now I do! I am under @SarahMinnis2 or search for chronicleofellen and see if that works.


I have also joined Instagram and Pinterest, but to keep up with them all you need at least a 50- hour day! Search for chronicleofellen on both and you will find me. Facebook page…yep you guessed it – chronicleofellen!


I have been on Ravelry for a few years, you can find me under chronicleofellen. One day I would love to sell crochet patterns on there and on etsy but that would mean I would have to actually write something down – or design something!

Also, rather tragically with Ravelry…I only have 1 friend! My yarn mentor Mona. I am in several groups, mostly charity ones, and there are some really inspiring people out there.

I’ve been on Ravelry since 2012 but it hasn’t changed much in that time. I think it just needs to update a little bit. Maybe another tab or two at the top? Like a spinning / dyeing tab…or an awards section…or a video section or something. What do you think? Do you agree?!


I hate to say it, but slowly and surely I am starting to see the light. The unnatural light of my laptop’s screen that is! I do see how social media and certain apps can appeal to the creatives…there are lots of inspiring ideas and makes out there…and other people’s pictures make me want to make what they have just made…and in many cases it makes me want to have a wander around their perfectly clean and arranged tidy home that you can only partially see in the background of their pretty pictures!!

But as much as I understand technology now…I still refuse to go on every site every day.

Even though I have picked up the plug, in reality, I am unplugged. I can live without the constant stream of consciousness, news, scandal, hearsay, and general BLAH that comes with any form of social media these days.

I just don’t understand those people who can’t switch off their phone or who have to check it every 30 seconds to see if they have a message. If it’s important people will find a way to let you know. Trust me. I switch my phone off completely at night. I’m not getting woken up at 3am by silly text thank you very much…if it’s an emergency…send me a carrier pigeon…or a clacks (Discworld reference there)…or light the beacons and hope to God that Aragorn is there to alert me they have been lit.


Sometimes the best days are those when you turn the TV and phone and laptop off, make yourself a brew, open the window or sit in the garden, and craft away to your heart’s content.



Ellen x


6 thoughts on “Come Find Me

  1. Tigeroo

    I recently heard a comment on the radio regarding being on vacation and social media it went something like “Learn to enjoy the moment itself, not document it”. I liked it because it means we have gotten away from relaxing and converted to constantly interacting on social media. So, I agree with your last statement.


  2. Hazel Loves Crafts

    I love your attitude with this. I’ve not got the need to keep my social media pages updated with every element of my life as lots of other people seem to. I far prefer to spend my time on my crafting and let the technology side slide, I keep Pinterest very up to date, but that’s more due to insomnia than anything else!

    I seem to be in a similar boat to you – I’ve got a Facebook page but don’t really have a large enough personal social group to get the initial likes, and many of the people who but my makes are not of the Facebook era. My Pinterest pages seem to be popular, come and have a nosy if you want (HazelLovesCrafts).

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  3. sarucrochet30 Post author

    I might just pop over and have a gander…I do like nosing at other people’s genius. Although I have to admit I’ve not been Pinterest for a couple of weeks (and here is me saying ‘come find me!’)

    I think it’s about priorities…crochet is WAY more important than Facebook!:) xxxx


  4. Rebecca

    I enjoyed this post. I agree its good to switch off sometimes.. Sometimes my computer runs out of battery and I purposely don’t attach it to its charger so I can do other things. I find once I am online an hour can pass via pinterest etc and nothing useful has been done 🙂


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      I totally understand! You go online looking for a pancake recipe and you end up watching clips from Minions and reading about dolphins!
      And I have had a good few days offline this weekend and just read instead…oh sometimes it’s nice! xx

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