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Hello and what a happy Monday it is!

Sorry for being Missing In Action last week but it has been rather eventful. Last Thursday I finally had my cast off my foot after almost 15 weeks. Feels good. And…wait for it….I have had not one but TWO baths since then. I’m clean and it feels so good! (Obviously had showers etc. between baths you know, I’m not totally gross). And since I walked the furthest I have for a long time on crutches basically Friday and part of Saturday were spent sleeping as I was plum wore out!

I have also been crocheting like mad in between times. I finished a granny square lapghan which I call The Dark Granny, it’s made in primary colours and I’m not entirely sure about them but the wool is so soft and smooth it’s lovely and warm. It’s Deramores Studio DK and it might just be my new favourite.

Here are a couple of pics. I am not the worlds best picture taker and I don’t know whether to add border or not. It’s just the right size for my lap…old granny that I am!

dark granny2

dark granny1


I have also started another granny blanket because I’m on a roll now and another crochet project which shall remain secret for now.


Now that the cast is off and it’s high summer I feel like it’s time to set some targets and goals. I love this time of year, the harvest is just starting to be gathered in and the nights slowly but surely getting darker earlier (which I have noticed lately because it means less crochet time in natural light!).


  • Obviously relearning to walk is a big goal. Everything looks good so far on all the x-rays because I am not rushing and taking it all at my pace (which is slow). So that is a major issue in my life right now.
  • With everything that is outstanding or hanging over me I want to finish and make a clean start. This involves finishing all WIPs and my cross stitch project and reading all remaining books on my shelf which haven’t been read due to studying some of which are:- David Copperfield, Nicholas Nickleby, War and Peace, IQ84, Cross Stitch, Moby Dick, Vanity Fair, Anna Karenina, The Story of English, The Woman in White, The Mill on the Floss, The Return of the Native, Allain Quartermain, Bleak House, Chocolat, The Lollypop Lady, Atonement, Women in Love, Tom Jones, Rob Roy…
  • De-clutter. I have that much stuff and manage to accumulate more without even trying. Over the past year I have taken 7 bags of DVDs and books and stuff to charity shop, 2 bin bags of clothes to charity shop, done a car boot sale at Christmas, and I still have no room to put anything!! Whilst I am not a follower of Feng Shui, I understand that having a clean and clear space to work is much less stressful and more productive than a dark cluttered one.
  • Go to the gym when I can move my foot. Maybe go on a bike or do some weights. Do a yoga video. Eat healthier.
  • I want to try new crochet techniques like hairpin lace, broomstick crochet, Bavarian crochet, ripple / chevron (can you believe I have never tried this?), use alpaca yarn, use a lace weight light yarn, a corner to corner blanket, one thing I will NEVER do is amigurumi…hate doing the fiddly buggers.
  • Needle felting…I have wool roving and the needle and the brush thing (don’t know the technical terms) will have to have a go…like the idea of needle felting something ONTO a crochet something…hmmm
  • Have you heard of the Gutenberg Project? I want to get involved in this. They are scanning out of copyright books so that they are accessible to millions of people for free on the internet. They need volunteers to help proofread the scanned copies vs the computer generated text. https://www.gutenberg.org/
  • And of course get rich by either winning the lottery or opening a crafty online store that makes a lot of money…one is more likely than the other at this stage…

Once everything is ‘done’ I can make a new list and see what needs prioritising. Obviously this isn’t everything I want to do…that list would go on for about 20 pages. But it’s a start.


See you soon

Ellen xx


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  1. repurposingjunkie

    Love the granny square and your to-do list!! Making a to do list or any kind of list for that matter is the best!! 🙂

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