Crochet Disaster

Hey up people!

It is Monday and it is dreary.

Drizzly rain has fallen all day and the day has seemed really dark and gloomy. Which I kind of like. Especially with the window open and you can smell the freshness and hear the splashes as the cars go past. Of course, this makes it harder to make anything in this gloom, but that’s ok.

I am starting on a new blanket of granny squares. Pictures to come on a later post. I call it the Dark Granny.

 Coz all your makes have to have a name you know. Like when you read a pattern and see the name either the designer or the magazine has given it…’make the DORABELLA blanket today’ or ‘have fun with the MYRTLE scarf’. I refuse to call anything I make with old fashioned ladies’ names. No…mine get names like ‘Granny Funky Blankie’ or ‘THE FLANGE’.


Anyway, I made something two days ago and I’m not sure about it.

I call it ‘THE FLANGE’.

It is another scarf…but I ran out of the purple and had to use pink (the colours are actually really nice in real life…the picture doesn’t do it justice). BUT. The bit I had to do pink was the ruffles.

 And when I wear it I feel like I am wearing an octopus. It is nice and warm, so maybe a scarf to wear in the house due to scarf-shame?

 Have a look and see what I mean…


flange tastic




In the spirit of full disclosure I will share successes AND failures.

 After all, I didn’t succeed at crochet the first or second, or even the tenth time. I persevered and researched and trialled and queried until I got it right.

And even now I make mistakes.

Luckily, I don’t make the same ones over and over (I leave that to other areas of my life).  

Although it is embarrassing to admit failure when you consider yourself between advanced and awesome!!


Until next time…

Ellen xx


6 thoughts on “Crochet Disaster

    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      I did! And the positive? If you wear it on your head you can pretend to be either a flower or that it’s a bonnet from Jane Eyre!

      Hmm…well my mother has already turned it down…would feel sorry for an unsuspecting friend!!! 😉

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      1. Leonor

        See? You already have a use for it – a theatre prop! 😀
        Hm, maybe you could shift the notion of a present to someone you don’t really like, and who dislikes you as well, but you must both pretend to be best friends to hold appearances? (I blame bad cinema for the idea, sorry.) 😁

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  1. sarucrochet30 Post author

    Yes…the idea of watching someone squirm while we both have smiles on our faces (and me with such an innocent look too) is in some ways quite appealing…confession time…it wouldn’t be the first time I did something like that!! :O
    But for now it is sitting in a drawer…behind a stash of wool so it is out of sight!! x


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