Stash busting

Stash Away!

This week I have realised something. I HAVE A LOT OF YARN!

I have a set of 3 plastic storage drawers full of yarn and fabric. And a bag full of yarn. And another bag of wool. And there is some in a box on top of my wardrobe. And some on my desk on top of my crafty books. And more dotted around the house.

So it’s time to whittle it away. I used up all the wool which was in one of the bags doing a giant granny square blanket. There were only three half used balls of wool but because it’s variegated it looks like there were more colours. It’s big enough for a baby blanket but maybe I will get another ball or two to finish it off for a proper lapghan.


I also used up a couple of cotton balls I got free with a magazine. I made a couple of re-usable make-up remover pads and some granny square coasters (still need blocking).




I think I need some goals to get motivated for the rest. So, By next Thursday (when my cast comes off – yay!) I will have done the following:


  1. Finished crochet WIP – the only project outstanding, a red top started years ago
  2. Finished my big cross stitch project
  3. Finished reading David Copperfield


Doesn’t sound like much but they are all dragging and can’t wait to finish them off once and for all. And if I finish the top then that is one bag less that is on the floor all the time!


So that’s all for now folks, see you soon


Ellen xx


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