Vintage vs. Retro

Happy Monday y’all,

And Happy Holidays! For many of my teacher friends this is their first full week ‘off’. Smiles and sighs of relief all round I think. 🙂

Thought I would share something special today. A couple of ‘old’ knitting booklets that my gran gave to me a long time ago. Unfortunately I never learned to knit as a child, I did a small bit but then gave up. I don’t think I had the right impulse (is that the word?) to really want to learn. Thankfully I do now though!

But trying to describe these patterns I got stuck. I think they are from the 70s or 80s (possibly 90s but I don’t think so) and it’s made harder to date them when I realised there are no dates ANYWHERE on them.

So what are they? Vintage? Or Retro? Vintage has connotations of being ‘old’ in my mind while retro is more a style that I would associate with bright funky colours and bold prints. says vintage is: ‘the class of a dated object with reference to era or production of use’ hmmm OK. And retro? ‘of or designating the style of an earlier time’.

I think in this case I would say they are retro dolls and doll’s clothes patterns and oh just look at the yellow doll set!

Here they are:







My gran was an amazing knitter, she made me a huge lovely baby blanket when I was a baby and I remember a dark short sleeved jumper that I saw she had made for herself and I asked her to make one for me too. She bought me a Forever Friends knitting bag for my 9th birthday. I think there is still a small piece of garter stitch on one of the needles that she did when she was trying to show me how to knit. It will stay there for as long as I own the bag.

Looking back I wish I had learned to knit and since she couldn’t crochet, maybe I could have taught her. But it’s too late now.

A bit of a personal share this time. But that’s part of crafting isn’t it? It’s all personal, from the choice of garment and the recipient, to the type and colour of yarn.  I don’t think it matters what you make or who it’s for, as long as you do your best to share the skills and your passion and then who knows, one day it will become someone else’s passion too.

Or…if you have friends like mine, they’ll think you’re weird!


Ellen xx


4 thoughts on “Vintage vs. Retro

  1. J

    Those patterns are great, i love the barbie ones! I have my mum’s Barbies from the 60s/70s which have a few handmade clothes that my grandma made for them. It is so sweet that you still have your grandma’s knitting intact. Maybe you could frame it. My friend has 3 pairs of his Grandpa’s glasses box framed. It’s a nice way to have something so special and fragile on display while keeping it safe. Hannah 🙂


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comments. 🙂
      I’m not sure if I will ever make any of the patterns but I certainly like looking at the pattern books!!
      I have often wondered what to do with the teeny bit of knitting left by my gran…I like the framing idea…maybe I could mum to have a go and frame 3 generations?!!! xx

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      1. J

        oh yes, to frame three generations is a wonderful idea! I’ve now been considering framing my first bit of slightly falling apart knitting! We can start a new trend 🙂


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