Skinny Crochet Scarf

Hello crafters!

Good news…my cast comes off in 2 weeks which will mean I have had my left foot in a cast for almost 15 weeks now. I can’t WAIT for it to come off. 🙂 I still can’t walk normally and it will take time to get used to having no cushioning cast and shoe but at least I will be able to scratch it. OMG the itches…:O

I look forward to the day I can walk for 20 minutes and not have to sit down in pain. The operation to fuse 2 bones together, the nightmare of having to live on one leg (even temporarily) and needing toilet handles!!, the faff on getting all those scans and trialling steroids being injected into joint….I REALLY look forward to the day I can say it was all worth it 🙂 Happy Happy Happy…


foot 2


The past couple of weeks have been ‘busy’! Done some more on big cross stitch project – maybe another week or so and it’s finished. Done some more on my knitted scarf, but haven’t felt too good this week so that’s put aside for now. Done some more reading.

I did manage to finish a WIP (Work In Progress). Or you could say it has been WIPPED! I WIPPED IT GOOD! My skinny Tunisian crochet which I have been working on since Christmas is now done. I didn’t even have that much to do, just had to find the motivation to do it.

If you don’t know what Tunisian (or Afghan) Crochet is then google it immediately! IT IS EASIER THAN KNITTING AND CROCHET. I PROMISE YOU. The needles look like a cross between a knitting needle and a crochet hook and I love the Tunisian Simple Stitch, which is what I used for the scarf.

For Tunisian Crochet, you basically put all the stitches onto the hook (forward pass) and then take them off again (reverse pass).

Here is a picture of the finished product (sorry my picture taking skills leave a lot to be desired…but for now my excuse is wobbly crutches!).

skinny 2

skinny 1


The pattern went something like this:

5mm Tunisian Crochet Hook


100% Acrylic James C Brett Marble Chunky: purple

Make 16 chains loosely. Tunisian Simple stitch until scarf measures the length you want it. Edge it with a border of Double Crochet.



Still need to block the ends as they are curling a bit.

There are lots of examples on the internet how to do Tunisian Simple Stitch. Try this YouTube video out:

That’s your homework people! Learn to do this stitch 🙂

I have also been busy ordering off internet. This arrived yesterday…my gemstone pack of 12 assorted colours from deramores and oh my golly goshness they feel good! I have a few ideas what to do with them but I need to finish my last WIP before I start anything new…it is hanging over me like you wouldn’t believe (since 5 years ago).



Anyway I need to go pick up and do stuff. Maybe. Maybe not. Definitely need to try walking a bit more :O

And I think it’s time for shortbread biscuits nom!


Ooh I just thought of something….next post I think though!

Tune in next time…same bat time, same bat channel!!!

Ellen xx


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