Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.


Once upon a time there was a naïve but charming girl called Ellen who decided to go and study German at university. For some reason she chose to go to a university in the North of England, but that’s another story for another time! When she was at university she was very happy. She was learning, she was studying, she was going to the library and making use of all the classics in both English and German, she was buying stationary and making lots of ordered notes and lists. She was in nerd heaven.

But. Something was missing. She couldn’t very well own up to the fact that she liked cross stitch and crafty stuff. In 2008 it just wasn’t as cool as it is now. I mean, come on! Ellen was already mocked for her taste in music, would she now be mocked for her taste in hobbies too?!

She decided she wanted a crafty hobby. She already did karate and for a whopping whole 1 semester, fencing (represented her uni once…lost all 3 games) and she did various other things too in order to maximise her time at uni. Except clubbing. Ellen always hated the typical uni lifestyle (i.e. getting drunk).

Enter Mona.

Mona was awesome and cool and much older. She had 3 kids, a great sense of humour, went to rock concerts, drank lager and was German. Somehow Mona and Ellen got onto the topic of crochet and knitting. The conversation went as follows:

Ellen: You can crochet? WOW! AND knit?! WOW!

Mona: Yes. I am amazing. I can also fly, lift cars one-handed and know how to use adjectival endings in German.

Ellen: WOW! You ARE amazing! Teach me to crochet – please?!!

Mona: Hmmmm…..

Ellen: We can go to the university cafe before class on a Thursday and have breakfast there and you could teach me to crochet then.

Mona: OK, I’ll do it. But you must know one thing. You will never be as awesome as me.

Ellen: I know Mona, I know!


And so the journey began from there. Mona patiently explaining and showing and showing and showing again. And Ellen making a wonky crocheted scarf which she still wore but sadly doesn’t have anymore. And Mona trying to teach Ellen to knit but failing miserably.

And then Ellen bought a crochet book, and looked up crochet online and figured out stuff for herself. And suddenly….it clicked! She could crochet! Perseverance and motivation paid off. Because now after only crocheting for a few months she had designed a scarf, a blanket and started the Red Crochet Top (which is only being completed in 2015 due to a classic rookie error).

And that, dear readers is not the end of the story. Oh no. For now it is 6 years later and Ellen is catching up on the awesomeness of Mona, although, I think both of them would agree there is still a long way to go (especially as Mona can now spin and dye her own wool).



Ellen xx


5 thoughts on “CROCHET: AN ORIGIN TALE

  1. Just me, Moni

    Hehehe, well, you are right I am the crafty, wooly awesomeness that you say I am. However, you are a close second my dear, if it wasn’t for your playlist on your ipod lol… Ps: I Will come and see you at the end of this month 🙂


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Humph, yes well i’m afraid to say the ipod has died a grizzly death…lost all 3500 songs in Thailand last year…managed to salvage a few hundred…lost it all again last week. Says its corrupted. Not fair.
      Yay the pleasure of moni! And I have been walking and putting foot down much more lately so its all good. Hopefully get cast off within next 4 or 5 weeks or so.
      The crochet disciple has become the crochet god(dess) :O


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