1. www.sarahwilson.com A really good blog for health and wellness. Her ‘I Quit Sugar’ series is quite good and I love the section of her blog where she talks about living a simpler life.
  2. www.sewforkids.com Possibly my favourite blog of all time. This is a blog dedicated to the efforts of a group of people who knit, sew, make and buy desperately needed items for the people of Pine Ridge Reservation (in particular the Wanblee area). Really inspirational and fascinating to read about the abject poverty of this area of the US and the work of this group.
  3. www.inspiredmood.com I came across this blog when I was looking for themes for my blog, I think it uses the same one. I found it, looked through the site, saw a book by Sarah Wilson (above) called I Quit Sugar and went on to buy it from Waterstones 3 days later. Which just goes to show the connections from blogging!! Inspired Mood is good for lifestyle changing inspiration, especially recipes regarding quitting sugar and her motivational posts.
  4. www.repurposingjunkie.com Since I love all things to do with recycling and upcycling, this blog is right up my alley! A really good read and lots of creative ideas!
  5. www.soulemama.com I WANT HER GARDEN!! This blog deals with a crafty, good life and I absolutely adore her pictures of her garden which she posts every week in the growing season.
  6. www.danamadeit.com I came across this by accident on facebook (of all places!), someone had posted a link to one of her tutorials and I had to see more! A good mixture of video tutorials, patterns, projects etc. for sewing and general DIY projects.
  7. www.vasare.co.uk This blog is run by an artist and I love checking out the new designs. This site to me shows how a blog can promote your business, there are lots of ways to push your products and designs.
  8. www.bratlikeme.com An American family living in France. I love the pictures of their farm.
  9. www.racheleats.wordpress.com A foodie blog by an English woman living in Rome – you would not believe how much she can write about Pesto!!
  10. www.houseofgeekery.com Possibly the most nerdy and geeky blog I have EVER come across. But that’s ok coz we all have a bit of geek in us somewhere! Geeky news, reviews, pop culture, tech…

These blogs inspire me, hopefully they will inspire you too!

Ellen xx


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  1. repurposingjunkie

    Thank you for recommending some great blogs and including mine in your recommendations!!


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