Today’s crochet

Hallo Leute!

Today is a happy day! I am going to continue with my new crochet project which is using some of Lizzie’s yarn (as it shall be forever known). I have sort of shelved my only two other WIPs, as I am getting bored of the skinny purple Tunisian scarf and the red top seems to be taking forever as it is done with a 2.5mm hook. I’m sure I’ll get back to them after this little project, as I want them finished completely during my recovery time.

A couple of weeks ago I bought a book called Easy Crochet: Country and I’m doing a pattern from that. I have borrowed the Seaside and Weekend volumes of this series from my local library and I quite like some of the patterns in them. Obviously there are always some in any book that you couldn’t in a million years imagine doing, I think it’s a good crochet book if there are only a few of these patterns!

I decided on a scarf, which at first sounds very unoriginal and uninspiring. But it’s a triangle, loose, light, neckerchief kind of style. The type of thing you could wear inside and out. In the book they used a green yarn whereas I am using grey. I quite like darker, muted colours and grey is one of my favourite for clothes. None of my crochet is really bright, in your face colours a la Attic24 or Le Monde de Sucrette (google them if you haven’t heard of either of them).

Grey triangle scarf

I took a close up pic because it doesn’t look right not having been blocked and edged. I just need to do a couple more rows of the main pattern, edge and block it to the right shape.


I also found a really good website called There is a really good video tutorial for how to make decorations and lampshades from a ball of cotton and a tub of glue.

This would be really good to do in a school or at home with kids I think. A bit messy and you need something like a collapsible beach ball or a balloon or something but a really simple idea.

Would also look good at Christmas with sparkly yarn or spray on glitter! You could get creative and wrap around different shaped moulds to create reindeers and snowmen etc.


Well that’s all for now.

Go out and enjoy the sun! 🙂

Ellen x