Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up



Books I’ve been reading: The Power of Meditation, Die Schmetterlingsfalle

Films I’ve watched: Mona Lisa Smile, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Music I’ve been listening to: Michael Jackson – Earth Song (makes me smile when I hear it)

Items crocheted: 0 HOWEVER I discovered a crochet technique all by myself (and once my phone decides to be good and ACTUALLY upload stuff, I will post pics).

Crafty makes: 1 cross stitch card, did some more on crochet red top (it is NEVER ENDING!)

Riddle of the week: What can travel around the world yet stays in a corner? (answer below)

What I have learned: That according to a tweet by Greenpeace UK ‘The oil age is ending, renewables are the future!’

And for something different:

Our GERMAN WORD OF THE WEEK goes to: das Stinktier (skunk)

Germans love to make compound nouns by sticking two nouns together like the above example. Tier is animal and Stink is obvious – put them together and you have…Stink Animal. The logic that Germans are so famous for even applies to their language.

Another example is the word for glove – der Handschuh. It’s a shoe for the hand!




Answer: A stamp!


That’s all, hope you had a good weekend

Ellen x