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Just had a rain shower and now the birdies are tweeting again, I love the sound of blackbirds. I think they have to be my favourite bird, they sound so sweet!

And speaking of birds I want to show off something that took me approx. 1 1/2 hours today. I had the kit free with a cross stitch magazine my mum bought me and whilst it’s not my style of kit I would buy myself, I think the card looks cute. In case you don’t do birds…it’s a blue tit!


The needle had broken in the free kit so I had to go hunt down one from my sewing box. My Sewing box is quite small for the amount of stuff it has in it, I think I need to upgrade one day but for now it’s ok as it is. My gran bought me this when I was a teenager and I’ll always treasure it. As ridiculous as it sounds I was so pleased it had a plastic tray to lift out – just like mum’s sewing box!!! And gradually over the years it has filled and emptied and filled and emptied, the projects gradually getting more ‘mature’.




The ‘Homemade with love’ tags were free with a magazine as were some of the ribbons. I have a glass jam jar full of buttons…I am such a craft hoarder (although in hoarder speak I believe it’s called  building a ‘stash’!).

I like seeing what is in other people’s stash and sewing boxes. Lots of things to pick up and touch and put back in the wrong place and coo over (but don’t ever do that to my stash though or you will get your hand slapped and the lid slammed down!).

Think I might have a go at some origami later…or maybe some baking. But as I am on crutches at the mo I’ll need some help with the baking. I have a nice recipe for citrus biscuits (or cookies if you’re in the US) with an orange butter filling…nom! Or maybe I’ll make some onion tarts with gruyere cheese, mustard and onions. Oh but I’m salivating now!

OK going to leaf through cook books and decide (yes I think baking has won out … sorry origami) 🙂

Th th th th that’s all folks!





5 thoughts on “Today’s crafty make

  1. Kat

    Hey, love reading your posts, Sarah. Keep them coming! You are one of the most genuine people I know and always put a smile on my face. Miss you lots, Kat xx
    Ps. Visit Australia as soon as you can walk without crutches 😉


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Hi glad you made it back ok!
      And now my stats say someone in Australia is reading my blog – yay!
      Miss you too and let me know how you get on x
      Yes as soon as I can walk and manage stairs and save up, then I will definitely visit…you wont be able to get rid of me!
      (and I know i’m random and strange…but why not?!!) xxx


  2. Hannah Ackroyd

    Mmm those citrus biscuits sound amazing! I love the little cross stitch…I think I have it in my ‘stash’ somewhere…I’ll have to stitch it up! I really like the design 🙂 Your sewing box is so pretty and what a treasure! I do think we grow attached to our boxes with everything in the right place and it makes it so hard to change to a new one! I love mine but it is a bit overfilled and the handle feels as though it will give way before long!


    1. sarucrochet30 Post author

      Thank you, I always like nosing into other people’s stash! I used to love looking in my mum’s sewing box when I was a little girl – and I still do now!
      Think I might have to post some recipes soon…biscuits galore! 🙂


      1. Hannah Ackroyd

        It is such a great idea…you should start a ‘see my stash’ trend of people posting pics into their sewing baskets and craft rooms! When I was little I loved rummaging through my Mum’s button box although they were always the same! Ooh I’ll definitely keep an eye out for some recipes…love a bit of weekend baking!


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