Crochet baby dress

Thought I would share a pic of an experiment I tried recently.

I have never finished a crochet garment. Ever. I tend to stick to quick and chunky things like blankets and scarves etc. I am still on the go with my first ever crochet top from 5 years ago! I have now nearly finished it as I only picked it up again recently after years of the front half being in a box under my bed.

Small fiddly things like amigurumi and key-rings just annoy me – I don’t have the patience for it.

So in order to say I have completed a piece of clothing, and in order to follow a pattern and see how easy clothes patterns are I decided to have a go. But I cheated. I did a toddler dress! Don’t know anyone with a toddler but who cares it looks pretty!

The pattern is by Nicki Trench from her book ‘Cute and Easy Crocheted Baby Clothes’. I like her designs, I’ve done a couple from different books and the patterns are really easy to follow. I especially like her other book ‘Cute and Easy Crochet’ as there is a mix of home and wearable makes.

As this was just a trial run I used a really cheap and naff acrylic yarn from my local wool shop.  Cheapest of the cheap! And instead of doing lots of little flowers around the yoke I decided to design my own little flower, but I added a brooch pin on the back of it so it could be removed when washing or worn with another dress.

Overall I think it looks OK, obvs the wool isn’t great quality and I understand the actual process now…first the yoke, then the armholes, then the rest of the dress, with the little sleeves done last.

And it was really fast to make, just 2 evenings. 🙂

I have proved I can make clothes. I am crocheter, Hear Me Roar!!!!!

Now I just need to finish that top for me…….




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