My Dad has an allotment in the next village along and I love helping with planting and harvesting and OK even with the (minimal amount of) digging.

The allotment is in a really beautiful place, quiet, away from the noise of the main road. You park up in the village and walk through the children’s play area (it’s even got a mini zip-wire now!) and walk past the football pitch and the tennis court and the really quaint cricket ground. The cricket pavilion is exactly what you expect a traditional English cricket ground should have, roses, mugs of tea! And then…you’re at the allotment section. The best bit in my opinion.

I find it interesting to see what other people grow and how they manage their plots. I don’t have a picture but one lady has built her own green house out of bits of wood, bamboo canes and plastic bottles. Now that is recycling and reusing and is a much cheaper alternative to an expensive shop bought greenhouse.

Last year we had potatoes, beetroot, rhubarb, onions, red onions, spring onions, fennel, broad beans, French and runner beans, peas, carrots, turnips, garlic, lots of courgettes, strawberries, some tomatoes, leeks and lots of herbs like parsley, chives, thyme etc.

Not all things grew/ worked but that’s often the case when growing your own. It’s all a case of experimenting until you find something that works. The sweetcorn looked good but was eaten, the celery looked good but didn’t quite make it and my poor pumpkin! It got to the size of a football and then we left it too long and it went mouldy, but we have planted several more this year and this time we know not to cut the leaves too early and too much when you want it to turn orange. There were lots of small squashes last year, but they were an absolute bugger to peel and cut and cook as they were so tough, so although they looked good and autumnal, we’ve planted butternut squash this year instead. Don’t you just love butternut squash soup?! Nom!

Other things like carrots and tomatoes could have done better but we need better soil or rather more compost and prepare the ground first.

I may be nearly officially ‘old’ but I still love painting the shed. Last year I had the honour of painting the bench – I was in allotment heaven!

Wow it looks like I have found something I can write reams on!! I’m just gutted I’m stuck at home with a cast on my foot, especially in glorious weather like this, when I could be with Dad at the allotment. 😦

Well onwards and upwards and hopefully I’ll be able to harvest the fruits of someone else’s labour! :O


That’s it for now

Ellen x