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Helloo people!

I got a lovely surprise in the post today…a box of wool from my friend Lizzie. And she was so sneaky because she didn’t tell me it was coming. She was having a clear out and found lots of wool that she wasn’t using and decided to de-clutter and make my day at the same time! Thanks Lizzie! 🙂







Could it be I’ve figured out how to make BIG PICTURES?!! Who wouldn’t be happy with wool in their face? Crazy people obviously!

Now I just need to decide 2 things: where to put the wool and what to make with it!


Ellen X




Just a quick post today.

As of 28.06.15 this blog has had 141 views from the U.K., U.S., Thailand, Australia and Germany. And it’s only been up 3 weeks. That’s pretty good I think!

So, thank you all for reading my little blog of random thoughts. It’s still a work in progress as you can probably tell, but I have to say, I didn’t realise how easy blogging is to do and that I would like it so much!

This weekend the weather has been beautiful and my lovely parents managed to get me out of the house properly for the first time in 10 weeks after my operation so we could have a little picnic at Masham. Thanks mum and dad xxx 🙂

masham 1

Masham is a small village in North Yorkshire with a sweet little cricket ground and is really nice to go for a wee walk around it. Not far out of it is the Brymor Ice Cream Parlour which is a farm that makes THE BEST mint choc chip ice cream (and hundreds of other flavours!). But if you’re more a beer person, then the Black Sheep Brewery in Masham may be for you!

Well, as I said just a short post for now.

Will post again soon,

Ellen xx

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Round Up



Books I’ve been reading: The Power of Meditation, Die Schmetterlingsfalle

Films I’ve watched: Mona Lisa Smile, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Music I’ve been listening to: Michael Jackson – Earth Song (makes me smile when I hear it)

Items crocheted: 0 HOWEVER I discovered a crochet technique all by myself (and once my phone decides to be good and ACTUALLY upload stuff, I will post pics).

Crafty makes: 1 cross stitch card, did some more on crochet red top (it is NEVER ENDING!)

Riddle of the week: What can travel around the world yet stays in a corner? (answer below)

What I have learned: That according to a tweet by Greenpeace UK ‘The oil age is ending, renewables are the future!’

And for something different:

Our GERMAN WORD OF THE WEEK goes to: das Stinktier (skunk)

Germans love to make compound nouns by sticking two nouns together like the above example. Tier is animal and Stink is obvious – put them together and you have…Stink Animal. The logic that Germans are so famous for even applies to their language.

Another example is the word for glove – der Handschuh. It’s a shoe for the hand!




Answer: A stamp!


That’s all, hope you had a good weekend

Ellen x

Today’s crafty make


Just had a rain shower and now the birdies are tweeting again, I love the sound of blackbirds. I think they have to be my favourite bird, they sound so sweet!

And speaking of birds I want to show off something that took me approx. 1 1/2 hours today. I had the kit free with a cross stitch magazine my mum bought me and whilst it’s not my style of kit I would buy myself, I think the card looks cute. In case you don’t do birds…it’s a blue tit!


The needle had broken in the free kit so I had to go hunt down one from my sewing box. My Sewing box is quite small for the amount of stuff it has in it, I think I need to upgrade one day but for now it’s ok as it is. My gran bought me this when I was a teenager and I’ll always treasure it. As ridiculous as it sounds I was so pleased it had a plastic tray to lift out – just like mum’s sewing box!!! And gradually over the years it has filled and emptied and filled and emptied, the projects gradually getting more ‘mature’.




The ‘Homemade with love’ tags were free with a magazine as were some of the ribbons. I have a glass jam jar full of buttons…I am such a craft hoarder (although in hoarder speak I believe it’s called  building a ‘stash’!).

I like seeing what is in other people’s stash and sewing boxes. Lots of things to pick up and touch and put back in the wrong place and coo over (but don’t ever do that to my stash though or you will get your hand slapped and the lid slammed down!).

Think I might have a go at some origami later…or maybe some baking. But as I am on crutches at the mo I’ll need some help with the baking. I have a nice recipe for citrus biscuits (or cookies if you’re in the US) with an orange butter filling…nom! Or maybe I’ll make some onion tarts with gruyere cheese, mustard and onions. Oh but I’m salivating now!

OK going to leaf through cook books and decide (yes I think baking has won out … sorry origami) 🙂

Th th th th that’s all folks!




Low Impact Living in the City

Good Afternoon people

Thought I would share this blog post with you today. It’s amazing and very inspirational. It’s from one of my favourite websites of ALL TIME called Low Impact Living.

Here is the link to the blog post:

Or if that doesn’t work (and I half expect it not to since I am a documented technophobe) then you can look on the website and click on the link at the top which says ‘blog’!

The website covers a huge range of topics and basically the idea is you live as green and earth – friendly as you can. Whilst I am guilty of contributing to a consumer driven and throw away society as much the next person, I am conscious of my ecological and environmental footprint. There are some things I do and a thousand more things I could probably do, some easier than others. But, as Dumbledore says in one of the Harry Potter films: we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy. (Yes I did just link Harry Potter to the environment).

The blog post which I linked to above is about living a good life in the city. Obviously you are limited in space and there are some things which just aren’t practical – keeping goats in your back yard? But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

And the picture in the post? I have not just book envy but bookshelf envy…and I don’t say that everyday! In the post there is a list of what the author hopes to achieve in a city environment. And I really love lists. Really, really love lists.

So, what do I do / what have I done?

  • Recycle everything that I can: tins, cans, glass jars and bottles, plastic tubs and bottles, cardboard, paper, shoes, textiles, batteries, ink cartridges, glasses (spectacles)…
  • Bought environmentally friendly products e.g. ecover … but not all the time
  • Re-use and repair as much as I can.
  • Use only as much energy as I need: all the old classics here – lid on pan when boiling water, only fill kettle as much as you need, switch off lights, don’t use standby but switch off at the plug etc.
  • No disposable items such as paper plates, plastic cups and cutlery etc. NO STYROFOAM!
  • Use Tote bags for shopping – as few plastic bags as possible and those that do manage to find their way in get used several times.
  • Use recycled notepads
  • Bought fair-trade, organic and local food and produce
  • Buy eggs locally – a local egg-shed!
  • My dad has an allotment – fruit and veg and compost heap
  • Litter picking
  • Online activism – follow and try to join in campaigns but I know this is a weak area for me
  • Only use appliances sparingly – the iron(!!!!!), let hair air dry, no curling tongs…
  • Non smoker, bio-degradable bin bags, donate to charity when I can, re-use gift bags and tags….and the list goes on.

Of course there is a lot more I could do and want to do but at the risk of list – overload I will save that for another post.

A good book is: ‘sleeping naked is green’ by Vanessa Farquharson. She chose to do something green everyday for a year and blogged about it (love the lists for each month!). Some things were more pressing and vital than others but still a good read.

Another good one is: ‘A good life’ by Leo Hickman. Again he goes ‘green’ for a year and wrote about it. A good person to follow on twitter.

And finally: ‘save cash and save the planet’ by Andrea Smith and Nicola Baird,  a Friends of the Earth commissioned book but some really useful tips and I like the case studies best. Because I’m nosy and I like looking at what other people are doing :O

And if they don’t inspire you I don’t know what will!

So, have a read and see what you can do…






Crafty stuff


Another day, another post.

I’m tying to get into the habit of regular writing and since I have time on my hands, why not write another post?

This time I thought the subject could be…CROSS STITCH. No, not the book, although that is on my to- read list. I mean the craft, the stitch, the hobby. The old-fashioned naff granny hobby that I like.

I have done cross stitch since I was a little girl and I haven’t done any for a year or two. In fact I think the latest piece was the recipe pattern below which I managed to fit in during my last year at university – as if I didn’t have enough to do with dissertation, translation project, essays, presentations, exams etc.!!

recipe cross stitch

This is also what’s currently on my pin-board. I know it’s a bit pants that wordpress wont let me enlarge the photos (unless I pay for an upgrade) but I like the theme of this blog (Adelle). It’s simple and easy to use and for no I’m sticking with it, maybe as my confidence grows then so will my blogspertise.

I have a folder full of old projects which need sorting, either framing or turning into something or even just putting away properly instead of languishing in a ring binder.

Some of my bigger and better ones below:

King Tut

king tut tut

Japanese Woman

japan woman

African Lady

african queen



I also like to make cards and tags for things like Christmas when I have the time. I think the tags can look quite nice, especially if you only do a small motif like a holly leaf or an initial.

I think it’s time to have a look and see what’s left in my stash. Oh if only I had a sewing/ wool/ craft/ studio- type room.

It would be full!

I think King Tut is my favourite, although I have no idea what to do with it. I just like having something to do with my hands and the feeling of ‘I MADE THAT’. Crafty makes don’t have to be useful or practical, they just have to make you happy. 🙂

I have a pattern, well it’s a kit actually for card with a cross stitch bird on it, so that’s the next project I think. It was free with a magazine.

Also, think I need to do some baking, it’s been a while. Terribly difficult to do on crutches but if you’re desperate you just got to do it! 🙂

That’s all for now,






Pin board and stuff


So, today has been quite relaxed. I managed to read a whole book in a few hours (nothing new there) and it was quite an interesting read. It was called ‘The Power of Meditation’ by Sharon Salzberg.

I liked this quote on page 9 ‘…whatever gets our attention flourishes…[and] whatever doesn’t get our attention withers…‘ Which kind of makes sense if you think about it. I couldn’t find the CD that went with it though. Doh!

I have also cleared out some clutter today…this always makes me feel good, although HOW it creeps back in I don’t know! I try to reuse, recycle and repair as much as possible before I throw things away, it’s the reducing part that’s difficult!!

Whether it’s books, craft stuff, wool and fabric for my ‘stash’, pens, candles, whatever it is and whatever I originally buy things for, the stuff just seems to multiply. And then months later I need to have another sort out and for a few days the house looks empty…and process starts all over again.


On a related topic to clearing out I have a very random job to do.



I have 2 pin boards and this is my crafty one. It has cards from friends on, a cross stitch recipe pattern (which I keep meaning to stick onto a homemade recipe book and always forget to do!) and random other things which take my fancy. AND AN EGG! My friend Angela bought me the egg last year for Easter and it’s still there!

It needs updating methinks. I did think about doing something seasonal, perhaps a summer theme. Need to have a little think…

I did add some Christmassy things in December like a little homemade wreath made from a polystyrene ring I got free with a magazine and some crocheted stockings (still searching for a crochet sock pattern that DOESN’T look like it’s made for someone with a clubfoot!).

A bit of a silly thing and hardly urgent or even vitally important but it makes me happy! 🙂

After all this is my blog and I will write about what makes ME happy and not anyone else. 😛


And finally. A guessing game for Ramona.



I’m not going to tell you xxx



Until next time…