New blog

Hey guys,

So. You know I’ve been away from here for ages?!

I have been building a new blog and Etsy shop.

Check them both out at and

I’m not sure whether to continue with this blog or call it quits, it is special coz it was my first ever try at the technological side of life and I was able to not only prove to myself that I could indeed ACTUALLY do it, but I also realised the community of crafty and like minded bloggers was quite awesome.

So, I’m undecided at the moment whether to keep both going, but it’s fair to say my new one has my attention at the moment, even if it’s not aesthetically perfect, it’s still moving in the right direction.

Happy Thursday to you all, and hopefully see you soon x

As time goes by

Aaaaargggggh it’s been a year since I last blogged here! A whole actual year 😦 it’s been so long WordPress has emojis now – when did that happen lol!

It might even be a little bit longer before I do an actual post too…but progress over perfection and by writing even just a few lines that’s still something isn’t it?

I am currently sitting on my bedroom floor looking at job adverts and doing cv and yawny boring stuff like that, whilst trying not to get distracted by the mounds of STUFF in here. I also have to go out shortly so…distraction it is!

Will update you properly soon x

Printables in PowerPoint – an awesome link!

I have been watching a few Youtube videos lately about blogging and this one caught my eye.

I am terrible at the actual graphic design element of blogging, which has always been a struggle for me so when I saw this I thought “I could do that!”.

I had a play around on PowerPoint and I could!

It’s from a Youtube channel called Start a Mom Blog, if you search for it in Youtube you’ll find it. She has lots of videos on the how-to parts of blogging, so definitely have a look. In the link below she shows you how to make some really easy printables that she uses as part of her email marketing to promote her blog. I think she uses them as freebie giveaways to entice her readers to either sign up for her newsletter or as free perks within the newsletter itself.

I had a go and here is what I managed in about 45 minutes of messing with colours and seeng how it works.

Powerpoint Printables Try

I did 2 sheets on blogging (because I have been watching so much lately on Youtube that it just sort of absorbed into my brain) and 1 random one on knitting which I was just trying out the colours. Have a look and see what you think, I am sure you can do something much much better than me, but it’s a really good idea to make more professional looking images than faff around in Microsoft Word for ages trying to make something look special.

If only I had known this for university! Oh how my presentations would have been prettified! Not to mention my note-taking in general!

Have a good evening! x

Making like mad

The creative streak (if not the posting streak) continues!

After using up most of my wool stash on a crochet blanket, a knitted hat and snood and a crochet cushion, I decided the wool drawer looked a bit empty and promptly rushed out to buy more wool!

I bought myself a book called Simple Colour Knitting by Erika Knight a few months ago and saw a simple chunky jumper I wanted to try. I love her designs.

The jumper is knitted on 10 and 12mm needles so knits up really quickly. Did the back in just a couple of evenings so maybe another week to finish it if I only knit after work?

Here’s a pic below I took this afternoon before I finished the back…

And this is also the first post I have posted with the WordPress app which I don’t know why I waited so long to install it?! (Maybe coz I still type on my phone with one finger?!)

Will post a longer entry soon when I’m on a keyboard lol!

Hope you’re having a crafty weekend! X

Some Links For Writers

I am trying to get back into writing at the moment. It’s hard because I have come to loathe the laptop. I think that’s why I don’t blog as much or go on social media as much. I’d much rather read or knit or crochet.

But I’ve always loved writing. My blog has turned into a bit of a long to do list with the odd finished make thrown in. I think I need to actually write some stuff that’s worth reading. And one day I would love to write a book. That leads to the question, how can you become any kind of writer or publish ANYTHING if you write NOTHING at all?

So maybe a goal for 2018 and more specifically the next few months is to write more, both quantity and quality. I have been looking at some sites and Youtube channels and thought I’d share them as and when I come across them.

Today’s share is a Youtube channel called The Creative Penn, which has some useful videos about writing, marketing, publishing etc. Both the creative and business processes are covered here.

Check it out if you feel inspired…

The link below is about how to find and work with a book cover designer.

Quick Knit

I saw this in a magazine on Friday, started it on Saturday and finished it on Sunday!

I had a couple of hot water bottles spare from last year…as you do! And I thought I would knit one for myself, since it has been YEARS since I have used one. And very snuggly and warm it was last night too thanks for asking.

The pattern was from a collection called 100 Knitting patterns from the same people that bring you Let’s Knit magazine here in the UK. I am doing an orange jumper from there which I started last week, my first ever knitted jumper incidentally. I don’t tend to knit or crochet clothes to wear as I can’t seem to get the hang of making clothes that fit!

But I had a flick through the magazine saw this project and checked I had some spare Aran weight wool and I was away.

And since I have a couple of larger hot water bottles still in a drawer somewhere I might even have a go at designing my own pattern and putting it on Ravelry, who knows?

I went wrong a bit on the back, it’s meant to look exactly like the front, so I just free styled it for a bit, added some garter stitch and a checkerboard pattern coz I couldn’t be bothered to unpick a few rows…but it looks like it’s meant to be there right?!

And because I don’t have enough projects on the go I also started a crochet cushion cover to use up a cushion pad I have in my wardrobe. I promise you I don’t hoard random crafty stuff everywhere…no, really I have a few craft drawers and that’s it. And a box for my jewellery making supplies. And 3 more boxes. BUT THAT’S IT!!!

Stylecraft Cabaret sunset DK. But I ran out of wool, so this project is on hold until I get round to ordering some more.

Oh there are so many bags of projects in my house at the moment.

Till next time…xx

Ready Player One

Good Afternoon All!

I have two days left before I have to go back to work 😦 but on the plus side, just look at all the reading and crafty stuff I have got through during the last two weeks! yay!

The most recent book I have read was Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and it was one of my favourite books ever, it’s nerdy and it’s geeky and I actually got most of the non computer or music references…so that leaves just the film stuff I suppose?! I did have to google a few things…Van Halen for example!


It’s set in the (dystopian- what else?!) near future where you can immerse yourself in the internet which is now called the OASIS. The main character is a poverty stricken teenager who goes on a treasure hunt/ race to find a dead trillionnaire’s inheritance. And since the Steve Jobs/ Bill Gates type character built his business and fortune in the 80’s, then the whole world basically plays 80’s video arcade games and listens to 80’s music whilst looking for treasure and dodging the evil IOI company who will kill for the money.

It’s got flying delorean cars from back to the future – can you see why Steven Spielberg is on board? I think the film comes out in March this year…here’s the trailer below.

If you haven’t already then you should definitely read this book before the film comes out!

Have a happy Tuesday! 🙂